Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Down is the new up

Douchebags with skateboards are the new assholes with guitars when it comes to bringing pointless shit on an airplane.

I've always been annoyed at the people bringing a guitar on-board an airplane. For every virtuoso crooner, there has to be about 80 Guys-Who-Think-Guitar-Players-Score-the-Hot-Ladies. But recently it appears that most of the people who brought their awesome axe on the plane have switched that out in favor of a long-board skateboard. I have no idea why you'd need to take that on the plane with you, but you look like an asshole.

Greedy Rat Bastard Teachers and Firefighters are the new Illegal Immigrants when it comes to Tea Baggers complaining about the end of 'Merica.

Ever since the Koch Brothers' shill in Wisconsin decided to take away collective bargaining rights for certain state employees, the far-right has determined that public employees are advocating sedition and are likely all Commienazi Socialists. First, it is important to note that, although a teacher gets paid shit, the state also does throw in a roll of toilet paper in terms of health insurance and a pension. However, the Darjeeling drinking masses also called teachers lazy for working only 9 months a year and for (allegedly) leaving work at 3 pm. They did not appear to say when teachers actually get to school, how much time was spent out of school doing work, and also failed to mention the good portion of the summer used for recuperating from the strep throat infection caught from your snotty-nosed brat who you refused to keep home. The distinction between what is taken home and what it actually costs the state per worker (salary plus pension) is important, that fact was routinely glossed over by the folks at Faux News making teachers seem like they were living in the lap of luxury

Arizona is the new South Carolina when it comes to batshit crazy states.

South Carolina used to be the benchmark when it came to crazy. Their stubborn desire to hold on to the Confederacy outweighed the anti-government nutjobs in Michigan and Montana long into the Clinton Administration. When Bush 2.0 came out, the crazy stopped focusing on State's Rights and the Fedral Gubmint and shifted their madness towards people with browner skin than them who have to pray facing east. Then we became the Obamanation. South Carolina tried to regain their status with Jim DeMint and his hatred of the Establishment Clause and Joe Wilson and his love of shout-outs, but Arizona pulled quickly ahead with:

  1. SB1070 - Arizona's response to illegal immigration.
  2. Birther bill
  3. Jon Kyl and his statements not intended to be factual statements.
  4. Shawna Forde, once the leader of the Minutemen, was just convicted of double murder in a vigilante slaying.
  5. Sheriff Joe Arpaio (multiple DOJ investigations ongoing).

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