Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun in Vegas, Chapter XII

I stayed at the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel Casino and Pennyslot Palace for my recent Vegas stay. I love this hotel. Mainly because they love to tell you how many cool celebrities flock to their hotel. Pictures of every celebrity you want to see is there. I've missed Hillary Clinton by minutes in Spring, but this time, I apparently missed the arrival and departure of one David Hasslehoff by mere hours. Also, each room comes with its very own supply of People, US Weekly, some British tabloid called Hello!

The hotel is also very purple,: purple towels, purple bed spread, purple drapes, purple carpet, purple purple purple. I'm not a huge fan of purple.

But, I really do like this hotel. It's a Starwood property, so in my vain attempt at getting more Starwood points I always try to stay there. So far, with three Planet Hollywood stays and 4 nights at a Sheraton in Hawai'i I have about 34 points. Only 10866 to go before I get a free bottle of water with my stay.

I was told by Atty M that they have Hollywood themed rooms. Perhaps they saved those rooms for good attorneys because I hadn't stayed in one, but this time I have apparently arrived because I, Attorney B, a/k/a Tronner, Esq., stayed in the Dr. Zhivago room.

Yep - in my room, behind 7mm of glass was this dress.

This dress had a little plaque that stated it was worn in the movie by Charlie Chaplin's daughter. She apparently was very small with tiiiiiiny little boobs. I thought "oh, this is nice" and didn't really think about it anymore.

I didn't think about it, that is, until it was time to go to bed.

I dislike hotels because they never, ever have enough light. Oh, they'll have a ton of lights, but never enough illumination. Consequently, I turn on every light in the room just to be able to see. Maybe it's my very very very bad eye condition, who knows.

So, when it was time for bed I turned out every light. Every light but the light in the dress's case. I didn't turn this light off because I couldn't find the switch. I got on my hands and knees and stood on my tip toes to find the switch. I opened the closet door to see if it was hiding in there. I put in my contacts again to find the switch. I unplugged every light in the room just to make sure. No good. The light would not turn off. My dark dark room was now lit by a ghostly white dress floating about 4 feet off the ground. Wonderful.

I managed to get to sleep with a pillow over my face, but woke up about 3 am. Even though I knew where I was, looking at the dress still was rather creepy. So, I got up, hunt my suit coat over the cabinet and managed to go to sleep without the ghost of Tonya Gromeko haunting me.

The next morning the light was still on. So, I wrote on a sticky note "Please turn light off. This dress is creeeeeepy." and double underlined "creeeepy." When I returned, all was well; the light was off and I was able to sleep soundly.


rubybean77 said...

That is creepy. I had no idea hotels had stuff like that...rooms that are museums. You must be pretty special ATTY. B.

Tronner said...

Yeah - this hotel has rooms like that. God, Vegas is but a strange strange place