Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tron of the Month

This month's "Tron of the Month" goes to Casey Heynes, a 15 year old kid from Australia. Heynes deserves this award for showing an annoying little weasel what it is like to poke the bear one too many times. The short fight was filmed and then spread the world wide via you tube. You can find it here.

The short video features Casey (our portly hero) and a boy named Ritchard (the weaselly little fuck). Little Ritchard is dancing around the bigger Casey who is backed against a wall. Two things are immediately obvious: Casey wants to be somewhere else and Ritchard thinks he is quite the shit. If Ritchard hasn't yet made a school career of poking fun of others he seems well on his way.

Ritchard then darts in and punches Casey in the face. Casey stands there. Have you every been punched in the face? Even a little slap? It doesn't hurt so much as it is completely numbing - invasive. But Casey still stands there. Ritchard talks some more shit while his friends laugh at Casey and then punches him in the stomach several times. All along another weaselly, laughing motherfucker off-camera extols the paparazzi to "keep recording, keep recording."

Ritchard then darts in again, but is literally picked up by Casey and then SLAMMED down to the pavement. On his face. He may even bounce a bit. Instead of walking forward and kicking him in the face, (as Ritchard surely would have done), Casey merely walks away - probably into a sunset - while the little bully goes off to lick his wounds.

But there is always aftermath: for instance
  • the weasel's mother, Ermine, demanded an apology from Casey.
  • the weasel continues to blame Casey and fails to recognize his part in the mess.
  • Casey likely isn't going to score with the girl that came into the frame at the end, though she seemed to have his back.
  • and, most predictably, the school suspended Casey AND the prick. Standing up for himself got him in more trouble than had he just sat there and been beat on by a little asshole.
  • The world found out about this and in interviews upon interviews it came out that Casey apparently had a history of being bullied, so frequently he contemplated suicide as a result.
Honestly, this is a hard subject to be glib about and I can't figure out a way to close this post without it sounding like the animated PSAs attached to all the G.I. Joe cartoons. I certainly feel a little kinship to the kid, not because I had anywhere near the history of being picked on, but I was a chubby little bear and chubby bears are occasionally the targets for little weasels. I realized much later, after my self-esteem solidified, that I should have stood up for myself far sooner. But now I know better. (And knowing is half the battle).

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