Monday, September 7, 2009

A wee log in which I celebrate minor triumphs.



They are THERE!

I have DONE IT....I have SUCCEEDED in altering the ADS by mere WILL (well, mostly repeating several words ad nausea). Now you can get as many condoms, STD tests and hemorrhoid creams your little heart will desire with JUST ONE CLICK.

I have also managed to piss off several people (well, two) just based on my calling Educators "Douchebags" for not showing Obama's speech. So, my poor facebook is down two facist, racist, fucktards and it feels so much the lighter and airier already. That, is why I do this.

Join me next week when I talk about events along my maturity level - like how my first month of Jr. High went.

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Eric "The" Garff said...

I fully support you calling educators that pander to idiots douchebags. Nice work!